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Amigurumi Hat Snail with

Materials; 1pcs Cream color rope 1pc Fuchsia color rope 1pcs Pink color rope  3 mm crochet  Bead fiber, needle  Blue, black and red embroidery thread Terms; Sh: Magic Ring X: Frequent needle V: Auction A: Subtraction Blo: Knitting by sinking into the back of the loops Fabrication; Head-Body; Start with cream color rope. 6X into …

amigurumi Amigurumi Free Patterns

Amigurumi Clown

Clown, circus, fairgrounds, theaters and various organizations that make him laugh and entertain the audience, freaky, face painted in extreme and funny way. He also finds the traditional white-faced make-up design. With his unique make-up, colorful wigs, exaggerated shoes and colorful clothes, the costumes and performances of the clowns can be very different. Their only …